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We haul-out your vessel, scrape and pressure wash the bottom, thoroughly sand the entire bottom and apply 2 coats of marine anti-foulant paint of your choice. Upon completion of the bottom job, we thoroughly clean the topsides of your vessel to provide you a clean vessel for pick-up. There are many different types of anti-foulant paints to choose from or let our experienced staff help you select which product best suits your needs. We also offer spray-on application of the bottom paint for those that are interested in having a particularly smooth finish.
We have been refinishing yachts to like new condition for over 26 years. Our topcoat of choice is AWLGRIP paint. This polyurethane finish will last for years if taken care of properly. It gives a beautiful depth of color and requires only washing for several years. You will find that your vessel is much easier to keep clean when painted with AWLGRIP. We do both hulls and decks along with masts and booms. Have an older vessel that won’t compound out anymore? Call us today to get a free estimate on refinishing the exterior of your boat.
We are experts in osmotic blister repair. Whether it is a few blisters or the bottom is completely covered with blisters we have a repair plan for you.
We use only the latest technologies available to make sure your blister repair is done only once.
We can take a heavily oxidized boat and bring it back to its original luster. First, we compound the entire area using abrasive compound applied with high speed buffers. We then hand wax the area again using high speed buffers to bring that old gelcoat back to life
We are experts at renovating vessels. Given the current market place it makes a lot more sense to revitalize your old boat than to run out and purchase a new boat. We can repower, remodel interior, re-paint exterior and update electronics to give you a “new” boat at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new.

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