Boat Repair in Houston, TX

Nothing beats spending time in water fishing, swimming, and sharing a cold beer with your friends or family while enjoying the lake view. It is frustrating if you can’t spend the day at the lake because your boat needs repair. Worry no more as the South Texas Yacht Service will make it possible for your beloved boat to sail again.  
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safe sail and peace of mind

As an owner, there are certain repairs you can handle by yourself, but advanced maintenance requires skilled marine mechanics. Instead of waiting for your vessel to give you trouble, contact us at South Texas Yacht Service L.C. for annual maintenance, which keeps your boat ready for sail.
The phrase “prevention is better than cure” applies in boat repair as vessel owners should often inspect their boats for damage and consult marine mechanics instead of waiting for trouble to trigger action. Having your boat repaired or maintained by us guarantees you a safe sail and peace of mind when with friends and family. 

Boat Repair in Houston, TX

Our full-service boatyard is located in Watergate Yachting Center, south side of Clear Lake and we have been serving customers with dedication for years. The company is fully equipped with high-quality tools to handle 38-ton Marine Travelift, a haul-out slip for beams up to 16 inches, and a 12.5-ton cherry picker for the masts, flybridges, and engines making it a preference for many Houston customers.  

South Texas Yacht Service yard complies with current environmental regulations ensuring the board yard operations are environmentally friendly. The company also provides quality services at a friendly price. Everything that will be done to your boat will be worth the money. 

Bottom Jobs
The bottom paint is crucial as it is designed to keep off weeds, aquatic organisms, and barnacles from latching on your boat. At our boatyard, we pressure wash the bottom to eliminate any foreign material and give it two fresh coats of antifouling paint. There are different types available, allowing you to choose one best suited for your needs. If you do not know the paint to choose from, the staff can offer assistance.

We also offer spray-on coating to give your vessel a smooth finish because a well-done bottom job will enhance your yacht’s performance, speed, and durability.  

Hull and Deck Refinishing
Over the years, the coating gel oxidizes and requires a fresh one. At South Texas Yacht Service, we do professional hull and deck refinishing, with our choice of topcoat being AWLGRIP paint because it makes it easier to clean. The polyurethane coat lasts a couple of years with proper care and cleaning.

If you have an old boat that won’t compound out, reach out to us for a free assessment and estimate on repairing your boat’s exterior. We deal with hulls and decks together with masts and booms.

Contact us for hull and deck refinishing services as we will give your boat a beautiful color that is easy to wash and durable.    

Boat/Yacht Renovation
With 26 years of experience in providing quality marine services, we are the experts in town for yacht renovations. It is cheaper and sensible to renovate your old boat with the current market than to buy a new one. Equipped with the required power tools and skilled personnel, we can make your old boat look as good as new. We offer services like re-powering, repainting the exterior, remodeling the interior, and updating the electronics. You can have a new and updated appearance at a fair price.

Do you need professional Boat or Yacht Repairs in Houston, TX?

If your boat is in bad shape, hiring a professional to repair it would be the best option to ensure your issue is permanently resolved. If you live in Houston and you are looking for a professional boat or yacht repair in Houston, Texas, look no further. Southern Texas Yacht Service is your trusted partner for all your marine mechanical inquiries and needs. Routinely, we will do the following:

  • Engine check for corrosion and cracked hose, which require immediate replacement
  • Propeller check for dentation and other issues that may be costing you extra fuel
  • Battery maintenance to resolve poor power connections and corrosion
  • Bilge pump to avoid incidences of your boat or yacht sinking
  • Oil and filter changes to avoid engine damage
  • Hull inspection for cracks and blisters
  • Electrical lines check to prevent deterioration which can be a fire hazard

Frequently asked questions about the boat repair we do in Houston (FAQs)

At South Texas Yacht Service, we are ready to offer you the services and repairs you require. Yacht repair and maintenance is our specialty, and we are here for you. Contact us today at 281-334-7245 for inquiries and bring your boat to receive the best service in town. Some frequent inquiries by our customers and prospects include:

Do you offer hull waxing?
We do offer hull waxing to protect your hull from the damaging effects of the sun and salty water. Our hull waxing involves two steps. First, compounding the whole area with an abrasive using high-speed buffers, after which we hand wax using high-speed buffers to make the gelcoat vibrant.  

Hull waxing is an important part of your boat needs that should be done at least twice yearly. The wax is strong enough to withstand the salty water and algae. Waxing also makes cleaning easier as nothing sticks to the waxed surfaces. 

Can you repair the blisters on the bottom of my boat or yacht?
The occurrence of blisters on your boat can differ depending on the chemical components of the product used in the layout. We can repair the osmotic blisters on your boat, whether it’s just a few or they cover the entire bottom.

With an electronic meter, we can determine if the problem is superficial or has spread to other surfaces. Once the blisters have been identified, we sand the hull surface to entirely expose them and then flush them with fresh water to get rid of salty and acidic residues that may be causing damage to your boat.

Do you offer interior renovations as well?
Yes, we will give your boat an updated look depending on your preference and budget. Some options available to you at our repair yard include:

  • Updating the cockpit vinyl and carpeting with color and texture to match the exterior
  • Renewing the cabin carpet with colors to tie up the interior together
  • You can upholster the cabin with new cushions resistant to U.V. rays damage and wet bathing suits.
  • Update the electronics and incorporate LED lighting.