January 15, 2021

"I've had the honor of working around John, Mark, and the crew here at South Texas, and being new to all of this, I've never felt more at ease and comfortable while learning very interesting, important, and such vital information. They are men of their word, and stand behind the work that is done at their Marina. Just as I have seen every customer pleased with their services, I am very grateful and appreciative of them as well."
December 20, 2020

"Very accommodating. Professional and knowledgeable. High quality results by a friendly and helpful staff. So glad we chose South Texas Yacht Services!"
October 12, 2020

"Fast, professional service from experienced folks who not only know their craft, but they are eager to share their knowledge. This is a great shipyard for everything from power washing haul outs to full service paint jobs and repairs. All the staff is super friendly and will put you at ease. We are first time boat owners and gained dozens of pointers and instructions from these guys - and I'm pretty sure we asked a lot of dumb questions! They were patient and easy-going, me wish I could find car mechanics that made maintenance as easy to understand as South Texas Yacht does for boats! Highly recommended!!!"